FWFD Written Exam Preparation Video and Practice Test:  https://firepoliceselect.lpages.co/fort-wayne-fire-fpsi/

Click here to download the National Fire Select Test Orientation Guide.

Information about the salary of a FWFD Firefighter: http://www.fortwaynefiredepartment.org/career-opportunities/job-information

FWFD Firefighter job description: http://www.fortwaynefiredepartment.org/career-opportunities/job-information/firefighter-job-description


The Fort Wayne Fire Department hiring process is a long process, not unlike most public safety hiring processes across the country.  Applicants must successfully pass each phase to move on in the hiring process.  The process is governed by two entities:   State of Indiana and the Fire Merit Commission codes and requirements. 

The Fort Wayne Fire Department's hiring process:

Written Exam     


Panel Interview

Eligibility List is Established

Background Investigation

Fire Chief Interview (subject to change)

Acrophobia/Claustrophobia Test

Conditional Offer of Employment

Psychological Exam

Medical Exam

Pension Board Approval

Merit Commission Approval

Appointment to Academy

While candidates will have several mandatory reporting dates during the hiring process, these dates are spread across the hiring timeline and prior notice is given so candidates can plan and prepare.  Candidates involved in the FWFD hiring process are encouraged to maintain their current employment.