The Fort Wayne Fire Department utilizes the Institute for Public Safety Personnel, Inc.'s pre-employment aptitude tests for entry-level fire service.  The examination has several sections.  Each test section is designed to assess an applicant's ability in job relevant skills and abilities.  Applicants must score 70% or better to move forward in Fort Wayne Fire Department's hiring process. 

The fire service applicant's exam will evaluate an individual's ability to:

  1. Define and solve problems
  2. Recall and understand written material
  3. Recall and understand visual and mechanical materials
  4. Observe and accurately describe events
  5. Solve work-related arithmetic problems

Candidates at the written exam will be given a copy of a study guide and are allowed two hours to study for the exam.  After completing the study session, applicants are then excused for a break.  Applicants then return to complete the written exam.  No firefighting experience is necessary to take the exam

The procedures that are used to administer the written test serve to minimize bias and provide a more accurate indication of each applicant's abilities.  Each applicant is given equal amount of preparation time and study time in an environment appropriate for learning. 

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