Sunday, February 07, 2016
Current News Momper Insulation Fire

Momper Insulation Fire

The Fort Wayne Fire Department closed the 2400 block of West Main Street on Sunday while battling flames at the Momper insulation company. The fire was first spotted around 11:30 a.m. Sunday and emergency responders were on the scene within minutes. It was not long before flames caused an exterior wall to collapse on a Fort Wayne firefighter, causing minor injuries. There were no other injuries in the fire. 

Officials say it could take two weeks to clean up from the fire that destroyed the building. City homeland security director Bernie Beier says about 30 vehicles were inside the building, which accounted for much of the fire's heavy black smoke.  Currently the city is working with the state Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Management, state Sen. Tom Wyss' office and Homeland Security to come up with the best plan for the cleanup.

Although West Main Street is now open,  West Swinney Park is closed as the clean-up continues.