Monday, February 08, 2016
Current News FWFD celebrates 20 new firefighters

FWFD celebrates 20 new firefighters

The Fort Wayne Fire Department (FWFD) hosted its graduation ceremony today for 20 new firefighters.  Participating in the graduation ceremony at Southside High School's Auditorium today were Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard, FWFD Fire Chief Tim Davie and City Clerk Sandy Kennedy.

These recruits successfully completed their 18 weeks of training at the FWFD Academy and will now continue their training alongside firefighters from the 18 stations that serve the City of Fort Wayne.  Chief Davie said, "We are excited to have these young men begin their careers as Fort Wayne firefighters.  They have demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to work for our community in making Fort Wayne the safest city of its size in the country."

There are several members of this recruit class who are following in the footsteps of their fathers or brothers as Fort Wayne firefighters.

Assistant Chief Ron Privett, who oversees FWFD's Academy, said these recruits will now take the training they have had and apply it in the field.  "They will be working on a rotation basis spending time at several stations throughout their three-year journeyman cycle absorbing the hands-on lessons from the veteran firefighters.  They are graduating today to the next level of training - the day-to-day training that comes from helping those who need our assistance," Privett added.

Graduates included:  Merrell Arrington, Brandon Bainter, Erick Baker, Willie Burton, Jeremy Elder, Scott Hinton, Matthew Klaus, Eric Lamb, Nathan Landis, Todd Martinez, Nathaniel Mills, Brent Peterson, Charlie Phan, Chad Poling, Ryan Preston, Corey Privett, Keith Roddy, Bryan Sorgen, Jeffery Vanderweele and Michael Venable.