July 18, 2015 - Fort Wayne Firefighters were dispatched to a reported structure fire in the 4600 block of Euclid Ave. The first crews on scene found the majority of a cape cod type home engulfed in flames. The entire rear roof line had burnt thru and had flames reaching twenty feet into the air. There were two bedrooms on the first floor that were not completely engulfed in fire. Two crews were assigned to make entry into these rooms using a high risk tactic known as Vent-Enter-Search, in this operation firefighters make entry thru exterior windows while firefighters on the exterior direct hose streams over their heads to hold back the flames. No victims were found in these areas. An adult victim was found deceased in one of the heavily burnt areas, after the fire was extinguished. Firefighters remain at the address to extinguish spot fires as the scene is surveyed by investigators. The fire remains under investigation.