Featuring SPOTZ the Fire Dog!

Remember if there is a fire, "Stay Low and Go!!"

Download and Print Our Official Fire Safety Coloring Book!

14 pages of great coloring fun and fire safety tips.
Be sure you have an adult help you print it out!
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Adobe Acrobat required.
Compliments of St. Joseph Hospital and Lutheran Children's Hospital

SPOTZ'S Tips for Kids

  • "Stop, Drop, and Roll" if your clothes catch on fire.
  • Stay away from "hot stuff" so your clothes never get burned.
  • Never, ever play with fire. Fire is a tool, not a toy.
  • Draw a home fire escape plan and practice it.
  • If your home catches fire, "Stay Low and Go!"
  • Never go back into a house that is on fire.

SPOTZ'S Tips for Adults

  • Do you know where your matches and lighters are?
  • Do you have a smoke detector in every room of the house?
  • Teach your children about fire and what to do.
  • Use fire responsibly, practice what you teach!