The Learn Not To Burn in-school fire safety program is based on a building block type approach to learning fire safety. This program begins in Pre-school and continues through Fifth Grade with each year expanding upon lessons learned the previous year. The format of starting safety training early and the constant repetition of fire safety messages proves to be a successful combination.   As the children grow older the lessons taught progress accordingly. This approach not only reinforces fire safety concepts learned in previous years, but more importantly, brings a better understanding to the children of why they should follow the rules of fire safety throughout their lives. Although the program primarily focuses on fire and burn safety, the children also have the opportunity to learn about firefighters, the different jobs we do, the gear we wear to protect us, and their own personal responsibility in regards to various safety issues. As a follow up to the program each child is given an appropriate grade level activity book to take home and share with their families what they have learned. This program is accomplished in the schools by talking with each grade level individually rather than in a mass assembly format. This allows for more positive and personal interaction with the students. In 2011 a total of 23,358 students and teachers took part in the Learn Not To Burn programs.