Engine 13 Engine 13
Engine 13 is a 2006 Class A Triple Combination American LaFrance

Engine 2 Engine 2
Pierce Engine.

pierce_heavy_rescue Pierce Heavy Rescue
In March 2003 The Pierce Heavy Rescue was purchased. It's on an Enforcer Chassis with TAK-4 independant front suspension with roll up doors for the compartments. In addition the Rescue has an on board 35,000-watt generator, and hose reels for rescue tools. The Rescue is also equipped with an on board cascade system with 24 full spare air bottles.

ladder 15 Ladder 15
Ladder 15 was built by Emergency One. It has a 95' platform, a Detroit engine 8V-92TA, a rated capacity of 200 gallons in the water tank and 1,500 GPMS.


Engine 11 Engine 11
Pierce Enforcer


The Quint - Station 14
2011 Pierce Veolcity 75ft Aerial - 1500gpm/500gal


alt Battalion Chief Car
Ford Expedition


Truck 19
005 American LaFrance Eagle Custom 100' Rear-mount platform - 2000gpm/300gal
Truck 19 is the first-due aerial protecting the southwest side of Fort Wayne.

Picture by Chris Allen

Aerial Ladder Truck Aerial Ladder Truck
This is a photo of our new Aerial Ladder Truck. The aerial is built on a 1998 Navistar chassis. The aerial is a 75' Alexis Aerial Ladder and was installed on the Navistar chassis by Aerial Innovations. One of the main attractions was the low profile of the ladder - just 9'6" - which means it will fit under all of the city's underpasses.