Commercial Permits for Remodels & New Projects

Effective January 2019, a new county-wide process has been created to ensure all permitting departments have the appropriate ability to comment on and complete plan reviews for commercial facilities. This includes but it not limited to those under new construction, undergoing a remodel, changes in use or classification, change in ownership, and change in occupancy.  This process has been created to help eliminate unpermitted work that is often required to be redone if it does not meet the standards or requirements of another city department. 

  • Submit plans to the Allen County Building Department who oversees the entire process.

  • The Fort Wayne Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau will review project plans online and change the status of the project to any of  the following:

  • Not Applicable

  • Does Not Meet Requirements

  • Fire Inspector will comment on what is missing in the submitted architectural plans (life safety information, Sprinkler plans, Fire Alarm plans, IN State Construction Design Release with Occupancy Classification, etc.)

  • Approved with No Hold for Final Inspection

  • Approved with Hold for Final Inspection

  • Please contact our office prior to the final stages of the project to obtain occupancy and a Certificate of Compliance from the FWFD.

  • It is the responsibility of the project manager to coordinate with all sub-contractors to have the FWFD witnessed functional tests performed.  (See Below)

    • Once the project is approved, members of the FWFD Fire Prevention Bureau may visit the job site periodically to inspect construction progress and document any noteworthy issues, as well as the status of the permitted project.


    Please contact the FWFD Fire Prevention Bureau as directed to schedule any project final inspections and Life Safety Functional Tests.  Contractors will need to schedule these inspections approximately 5 business days in advance.  The inspections will be completed Monday – Thursday, or as the inspector’s schedule permits.  When the project permit status changes, the Inspector will include contact information for scheduling purposes. This will come via email from the ACBD to the email address associated with the project permit.


  • Fire Alarm Monitoring – The FWFD shall witness the Fire Alarm function as designed, and notify to dispatch with proper addresses given.

  • Fire Alarm Activation – The FWFD shall witness the Fire Alarm activate via the following (if applicable to the project):

  • Smoke detector and/or pull station activation

  • Sprinkler System Water Flow

  • Commercial Kitchen Suppression activation – automatic and manual

  • Life Safety – Witness all Exit and Emergency Lighting illuminate under battery.

  • Knox Box – Please have a set of master keys that provide access to ALL areas of the structure, labeled; the inspector will install keys and building contact information within the Knox Box prior to occupancy.

  • Directions for ordering a Knox Box are listed on our website

  • Final Walk Through - The FWFD will release the C of C only after the project is in its very final state.

  • Board of Health Form- Should the project require a Food Establishment Sign Off from the Allen County Board of Health, please have the form available and on site.  Otherwise an additional request will need to be made through the 311 call center

  • Please note: All violations and visits are subject to Fees and/or Fines as set forth by the Authority Having Jurisdiction and City Code 94.30