Veritas ex Cineribus
"Truth from the Ashes"

The Fire/Arson Investigation Division of the Fort Wayne Fire Department (FWFD) is responsible for determining the origin, cause and circumstances of fires that occur within the City of Fort Wayne.  The division's investigators are sworn firefighters as well as sworn law enforcement officers.  They are empowered to enforce the laws of the State of Indiana, as well as City Code pertaining to arson and fire related crimes.  They are specially trained in the discovery, preservation and presentation of evidence in proving the crime of arson.  The FWFD Fire/Arson Investigation Division acts as the Fort Wayne Fire Department's liaison to other law enforcement agencies. 

The Fire/Arson Investigators of the FWFD investigate hundreds of incidents each year. Incendiary blazes are responsible for a large percentage of the annual fire loss within the City of Fort Wayne. Too often the loss can be fatalities.  These malicious and criminal acts affect everyone within our community.  Burned structures blight our neighborhoods, lower property values and cause increases in insurance rates.

One of the Fire/Arson Investigation Division's principal missions is to identify citywide fire patterns and trends.  This information is used by the Department to further public fire safety awareness through the Safety Education Division, as well as the effective implementation of fire prevention inspections and fire code enforcement by the FWFD Fire Prevention Division and training.