According to City Ordinance 94.30, The Fort Wayne Fire Department has the authority to charge inspection fees.  Beginning in 2019, this process will be executed in the following way: 

  • All Fort Wayne Fire Department inspections performed, as requested by the occupant, a standard annual inspection from an inspector, a complaint inspection, a Board of Health Food Establishment Sign-off, or any other inspection thereof, will be completed as required per code guidelines.  Any violations noted during the inspection will be granted up to 30 days to make corrections, and a follow up re-inspection will be completed.

  • There will be no fees or fines assessed at this time

  • A re-inspection MUST be completed.  If at the time of the re-inspection, all violations have been corrected,  no fees or fines will be assessed. However, failure to correct even one violation at the time of the re-inspection will force an inspector to come back a third time. This will result in a violation status change to a citation in the form of a ticket.  The Inspector must continue to return to the property until ALL corrections have been made; fees and fines will be assessed accordingly.

  • All items not corrected at the time of the initial re-inspection, will be issued a ticket, and will be cited $100 per item, per violation.   

  • Fine payment is now coordinated through (and inquiries directed to) the City Clerk’s office.

  • In addition, a re-inspection fee of $150 will be mailed to the occupant from the Fort Wayne Fire Department.  All Fort Wayne Fire Department Inspection Fees shall be reconciled within 30 days of invoice. 

  • Payment for fees shall be made directly to the Fort Wayne Fire Department.  Information for payment inquires will be noted on the invoice.

  • Questions about the inspection/violations to the billing staff will be directed to the inspector and/or Fire Marshal.   


    Initial Inspection


    2nd Re - Inspection


    No Fine

    If all violations are corrected, there will be no fines.

    If all violations are corrected, there will be no further fines. 

    Uncorrected violations will be ticketed at this time at a rate of $100/per violation, ticket will be given on site to the occupant.

    Any continuing uncorrected violations will be issued additional fines and ticketed on site. 


    No Fee

    If a ticket is issued, an invoice for a $150 fee will be mailed directly to the occupant from the FWFD.

    If all violations are corrected, there will be no further fees charged by the FWFD.

    If additional violations exist/additional fees will be assessed at this time, fees will be charged to the occupant. 


    All fees/fines schedules are subject to change.