July 30, 2014 - The Fort Wayne Fire Department responded to the ENT clinic at 10021 Dupont Circle Court after tenants detected the odor of natural gas at 7:52 this morning. On arrival firefighters were notified constructions crews working on Auburn Road had hit a gas line and had already notified Nipsco. Fire crews evacuated the building (approximately 70 staff and patients) as a precautionary measure. Crews also checked neighboring buildings and evacuated approximately 12 staff at OMSA (10008 Dupont Circle Court) after an odor was detected. Ongoing metering at both buildings showed no elevated levels at either facility but they remained closed as a safety measure. The exit ramp from 469 to Auburn Road, southbound Auburn Road at Dupont Circle Drive and Auburn Road northbound at Wallen Road were closed while Nipsco worked the scene. Nipsco located the ruptured line. Roads and business were reopened at 10:33.